Participant Testimonials

Dr. Robert Weiss | Director Quality Control | Baxalta, Wien

"Thank you for the inspiring presentation for Baxalta - valuable ideas for my leadership work".

Brigitte Pawlitschek | CEO | results & relations Wien - Washington

"I got to know and appreciate Dr. Michael Hirt as a trainer at a seminar. His explanations were very, very practical and rhetorically top-notch. I have never left a lecture with so much quickly learned and easily applicable knowledge. High recommendation!"

Brigitte T. Gruber | Managing Director | Sales & Marketing Solutions in Tourism

"I can recommend Dr. Michael Hirt as a trainer and speaker. His performance is excellent and his ability of knowledge transfer is great. I really enjoyed his class."

Prof. Mag. Susanne Seyr | Inhaberin | Brain Academy

"I met Michael as the leader of a training/workshop in which I participated. He is clear and to the point. He brings real life practical examples that make it easy to understand new concepts & approaches. His energy and sense of humour allow him to be entertaining whilst at the same time bringing his insightful points across with impact. Everybody left the training highly motivated and ready to take action."

Alexandra Bruckmoser | Auftragskoordinatorin | Laube GmbH

"I was a participant in a training/workshop led by Michael Hirt. I enjoyed his clear, practical and structured approach to training and am currently implementing a lot of the methods and tools I learned in his workshop into my daily working practice. Thank you for the exciting training!"

Gernot Loeffler | Business Development Executive | CSC

"I participated in the presentation of Michael’s upcoming book "Instructions for the Management Revolution" (“Anleitung zur Management-Revolution”), which I found very inspiring. Michael condenses international trends in new management styles from different industries into meaningful knowledge that challenges todays conservative management philosophies. His upcoming book is poised to provide practical guidelines for applying the new management paradigm to changing and improving the management approach of traditionally managed corporations. His presentation was to the point, with humorous side notes and meaningful examples. He is an excellent speaker."

Christian Vieira dos Santos | Managing Partner | SYMBIOS Corporate Development

"Michael Hirt is a true expert on Marketing and Sales. He offers practical advice that can be implemented quickly and easily. His 3-day-seminar was simply the best way for me to kick-off the new business year and hit the ground running!"

Peter Lotz | Management Consultant | Lotz Consulting e.U.

"I attended a 3-day-workshop of Michael on "Winning New Clients", which created tremendous value for me. Michael is clear, witty and smart. His advice is practical and to-the-point. Listening to him is about as much fun as it is productive."

Petra Buchinger | Managing Director | Buchinger Life Science Solutions

"I have experienced Dr. Michael Hirt in the 3-day course "Self-marketing and client acquisition for consultants" and can highly recommend him as a trainer. His wit, self-irony and the combination of knowledge and experience have made every minute of these 3 days a very valuable resource from which I will be able to draw for a long time to come!

Arno Abler | CEO | CommunalConsult Network

"Michael Hirt is an excellent speaker and workshop leader. I attended one of his seminars on marketing & sales for management consultants and was impressed by his ability to make complex and challenging topics easily accessible in an entertaining and action-oriented way. I can highly recommend him!"

Johannes Grossberger | Management Consultant | Grossberger Consulting

"I attended a 3 day workshop on "selfmarketing and winning new clients for consultants" at the right time. Michael's approach of knowledge transfer and clear statements helped me developing my strategic business and finding out the key facts much faster and more specific. His enthusiasm, clarity and focus on business is remarkable as well as the energy and passion for his work. As a self reflection I can say: absolutely worth the money for all the practical input and countinue as a valuable resource to me."