Strategieberatung für das laufende Geschäft

  • Definition von Mission & Vision
  • Strategie-Entwicklung und strategische Planung
  • Strategie-Überprüfung
  • Business-Plan-Überprüfung und -Entwicklung
  • Auf Konzern-/Portfolio- und Geschäftseinheitenebene


Strategieberatung bei Transaktionen

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Allianzen & Joint Ventures
  • Desinvestitionen
  • Börsengänge


Strategieberatung für Familienunternehmen


Strategieberatung für staatliche und regulierte Unternehmen


Innovative Strategiemodelle


Wachstum & Innovation

  • Wachstumsstrategien
  • Business Development
  • Innovative Geschäftsmodelle
  • Markterschließung & Internationalisierung
  • Innovationsstrategie
  • Produktportfoliomanagement

"It was a pleasure to work with you in reviewing and redefining our corporate and business unit strategies. The results of the consulting project with your firm have helped us to make significant progress towards the achievement of our business and shareholder goals. You worked together with us to create practical, "real-world" strategic actions that deliver tangible value, based on a pragmatic, but thorough review and assessment of our options. Also, we highly appreciate your skill and helpfulness in appropriately integrating our key managers into the consulting process and making sure that they are really on board and well-aligned for its successful implementation. Our association with HIRT&FRIENDS has provided us with an excellent return on our consulting investment."


Mag. Alexander Tremmel | Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter | Managing Partner | SKB Industrieholding

"I consulted Michael to help me in developing dissemination strategies for a new technology that was being developed over a couple of years and was then ready to be rolled-out globally at Harman Automotive Division. However, due to the new, revolutionary approach of that technology there were a couple of internal barriers and blocking factors to hop on the train. Michael very successfully helped to quickly identify and understand those barriers and to develop a highly efficient strategy to significantly improve acceptance of the new paradigm in product development. I can highly recommend Michael as an efficient consultant if you are faced with challenging situations in technology development processes."


Dr. Alfred Svobodnik | Senior Manager/Chief Engineer |  Harman Automotive / Harman International Industries


"I had the pleasure to work with Michael over a period of more than 2 years, on a number of strategic projects during my tenure as CEO of Matrixware. His advice was clear, practical and to the point. He has helped the board to make better decisions and to execute them effectively. His recommendations were based on state-of-the-art methods and validated by sound business judgement. I can highly recommend him, if you need fast, high-quality results with a strong positive impact on the performance of your organisation."


Francisco De Sousa Webber | Founder | cortical.io


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