Results we can achieve together:


  • Development of a corporate HR strategy and implementation plan
  • Development of the internal HR value proposition and of the processes to make it a reality
  • Transformation of the organizational culture to make rapid improvement in the direction of a high-performance organization
  • Dramatic improvements of the productivity of key managers and team members to achieve company goals faster and with substantially improved quality
  • Strong improvement of the leadership capabilities and intercultural and international management capabilities of key managers
  • Substantial improvement of the individual sales and negotiating competences of key account managers and salespeople to dramatically improve sales and price realization

Extracts from our project list:

  • Leadership in the 21st Century.  Effective – Creative – Integrated. Intensive workshop, in which the participants develop their own leadership style and approach, starting with a comprehensive overview of leadership functions and tools.  A proven classic with enthusiastic participants from all industries
  • Intercultural Leadership in a HiTech Company. Bilingual (English & German) course over several months for the Austrian subsidiary of an international corporation, operating in mechanical engineering.  Development of leadership skills and intercultural management skills of three levels of employees, composed of three countries (A, D, UK)
  • Life in a Fast Company. Organizational development and leadership in fast-growing companies. Intensive workshop for managers of large as well as small and mid-sized enterprises, which provides a condensed overview of the organizational development and leadership that fast-growing companies depend upon
  • Staff Appraisal, Feedback, Communication and Constructive Conflict Resolution for a Biotech Start-up. Training for a team of managers and scientific project leaders in a leading European biotech start-up company. Practical application of learning, based on the specific challenges of the participants
  • Leadership at a Software Manufacturer. Training for the management team of a fast-growing high-end software manufacturer
  • Leadership at a Tax Consulting Company. Training und Coaching of managers, specifically designed for the demands of a rapidly growing professional services firm
  • Day X - Crisis Management for Managers. Intensive workshop to train managers in targeted leadership behavior for extreme situations and crisis. A proven classic with enthusiastic participants from all industries
  • International Project Management. Intensive workshop in which participants receive a condensed overview of what is important for the management of and collaboration in international projects.  After this workshop participants understand the complete project management concept, and gain a holistic project management approach and concrete, practical and proven tools for effective international project management
  • Team development for Managers. Intensive training for team development of a group of executives to prepare for participation in a long-term management development program
  • Self-Leadership for Managers. Intensive workshop in which participants develop concrete starting points for the effective self-leadership and a long-term plan for their personal growth as a person and as a leader.
  • Time Management and Work Organization for Managers. Intensive training for executives
  • Strategic Marketing for Managers. An intensive workshop for executives, in which they gain knowledge and skills in strategic marketing
  • Deep Customer Discovery through Customer Interviews. Workshop for Managing Directors, Marketing Managers, Product Developers and Sales Managers who, through a deep understanding of their customers’ true wants, want to gain a significant competitive advantage
  • Competitive Strategy Tool Creativity. Intensive workshop for managers. Creativity and innovation as strategic instruments in the competitive environment. Creativity techniques and their application in practice. The establishment of creative organizations
  • Collaboration with International Consultants. Workshop in which the participants become acquainted with and work through the core elements of how to professionally select and work together with international consultants
  • Applying Creativity in Management Consulting. Case-based creativity training for all levels of consultants in a leading international consulting firm. The focus of the training was the importance of learning creativity techniques based on the participants’ case studies and the practical application of these techniques in work with clients
  • Customer Communication for a Leading Tax Consulting Company. Intensive workshop specifically customized for the requirements of successful customer communications in a fast growing professional services firm
  • Working with Clients and Cross-Selling in Management Consultancy. Sustainable customer relationships and effective cross-selling.  Training for all levels of consultants in a leading international independent consulting firm in the field of Information and Communications Technology

„Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation in the last years! You and your team have succeeded to develop and deliver trainings perfectly geared towards the requirements of a global corporation with consistent performance in high quality, internationally and multilingually. I want to specifically note your well-founded and action-oriented approach, your global outlook and your capability to always adjusts the individual training sessions or workshops to the local and cultural requirements. You have made an important contribution to the worldwide talent development of BSH Home Appliances Group!“


Dr. Stephanie Leimer | Head of BSH Academy Corporate | BSH Home Appliances Group | BSH is the European market leader in the field of home appliances with brands like Bosch, Siemens, Neff and among the top global players

"Thank you for your inspiring, entertaining and action-oriented keynote speech and workshop. The feedback from the participants was extremely positive and, in particular, they were very impressed by the practicality and immediate applicability of your approaches. You have brought a significant motivational boost and we are already seeing the high impact of your work in the form of tangible results!"


Sheila Sylle | Professional Network | Johnson&Johnson


"Thank you very much for your energizing Keynote Speech „Instructions for the Management-Revolution“ for more than 200 Baxalta executives and managers! Your views challenged the status-quo and have given the managers an impetus to think about their own contribution in creating and sustaining an innovative, high-performance organization. It was a pleasure to work with you in the preparation and realization of the event and we look forward to other opportunities for working together."


Barbara Wagner-Buhl | Senior Manager, Talent Management | Baxalta / Baxter Aktiengesellschaft

"I am delighted about our highly productive cooperation over the last eight years and would like to thank you for your pragmatic, fast, results-oriented and highly effective consulting in that period.  You have demonstrated extremely high versatility and flexibility, by quickly understanding and helping to tackle new challenges and topics in the fields of strategy development and implementation, team building, conflict management and resolution, executive coaching and executive training, thereby helping us to resolve them quickly and effectively and creating extremely high value for our organization. Across all projects you have demonstrated high intellectual and ethical integrity, a good sense of humor and a clear business and practice orientation, which made your one of the best consultants I have worked with in my entire career. I Look forward to our continued cooperation!"


Dir. Wolfgang Hanzl | Head of Division Operations | BAWAG P.S.K. Group | a leading and financially very successful retail bank in Austria, majority-owned by the US-american investment fund Cerberus Capital Management


"Your English and German Keynote Speeches were the highlights of our Global Shop Marketing Meetings and an inspiration for our top management, as well as our managers and participating employees. We truly enjoyed the clear and humorous way you presented the topic. With your pragmatism and focus on implementation, you have infected our managers and employees and motivated them to take action."


Mag. Eva Brummeir | Global Shop Marketing Manager | FREY WILLE | a leading global luxury retailer

"I want to thank you very much for your highly effective coaching. Your practical no-nonsense approach has made a positive impact on me both professionally and personally. Your way of executive coaching and development is honest, straightforward, positive, and purposeful. Your tools and content are excellent and you care deeply about helping your clients to improve. You have helped me to become a more effective leader. I look forward to our next collaboration."


Max Walzl | Director Operations | écomouv' an italo-french joint venture in France

"Michael Hirt worked with me on a strategic project which was of critical importance to the company. His fresh energetic style brought new insight and analysis to the project and was a major contributing factor to the outcome."


Tony Dicken | Field Force Manager | Diageo


"Thank you for leading the excellent JEP Working on Development Workshop in Singapore! The Workshop was successfully completed with the participants providing positive feedback after the workshop. The participants have been impressed by your expertise, the insights, and the applicable lessons imparted. Thank you for helping BSH Singapore to be more successful in the very competitive Asian market. We look forward to working again with you!"


Jennifer Tay | Senior Regional HR Manager | BSH Home Appliances PTE. LTD., Singapore


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