Management Innovation, focusing on novel approaches to culture, organization and leadership to become a true high-performance organization, is one of the 7 key growth levers for your company, that we can activate together.


With his worldwide consulting work, publications and keynote speeches, Dr. Michael Hirt is a global topic leader on Management Innovation.


How you and your company can benefit from Management Innovation:

  • Immediate Action Points for Dramatically Improved  Organizational Effectiveness and Results 
    Innovative management methods and approaches have been implemented for high impact both by blue-chip corporations and global enterprises, such as, IBM, Microsoft, HCLT, Ericsson, Essilor, Statoil, CEMEX, Whirlpool, Pfizer, Deutsche Telekom, Roche Pharmaceuticals, HP, Alcatel-Lucent, and by leading small and medium-sized enterprises, such as Whole Foods Market, W.L. Gore, Atlassian, Semco, Morning Star, Red Hat, TopCoder, Zotter, MSC Basel, Weleda and Haniel. 
  • High Productivity Gains
    Evidence from management innovation projects shows that sustainable productivity gains for the entire organization in excess of 25% are not unusual.
  • Massive Competitive Advantage
    A comprehensive study by the London Business School  shows, that Management Innovation, i.e. when companies are able to perform key management functions substantially better than their competitors, brings massive and sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Defensible Competitive Advantage
    Management Innovation leads to new management methods and approaches that are much more difficult to copy or imitate for competitors, then product, process or business model innovation, since management innovation becomes a new and powerful element of the company culture.
  • Inspiring Work Environments
    Management innovation is not just about creating high-performance organizations, but about creating work environments that inspire people to be passionate and highly engaged about their work and to bring their full creative and human potential to the workplace. Management Innovation is about developing companies that are inspiring places to work for, are sparkling of joie de vivre and vitality and are creating products and services which are truly useful for people and inspire them. It's about creating and developing companies that apply their resources to make an important contribution to creating the solutions for the major challenges of the 21st century. An ambitious and inspiring vision well worth our efforts.


Manager and companies that don't want to fall behind, have to engage at once with the principles and methods of Management Innovation. Otherwise, their more agile and adaptable competitors will simply replace them.

Source: Michael Hirt, Instructions for the Management Revolution, 2013, Midas Publishers, St. Gallen & Zürich (Switzerland)

Examples for results in the area of "Strategy" we can achieve together by applying the high-impact approaches of Management Innovation:

  • Realization of a growth strategy with profitable growth of 8% per year (CAGR)
  • Increase of EBIT-margin by 2.5 percentage points through a corporate portfolio repositioning
  • Expanding market leadership through selective geographic expansion
  • Realizing cost savings potentials of EUR 15 Mio. (12%  of total costs) of an organizational unit within three years, whilst at the same time increasing productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Increase of EBITDA by 20% over the previous year by rapidly growing the service business
  • Restructuring of a strategic alliance to secure the value creation of a EUR 70 million investment
  • Securing the long-term future of a family-owned business by a strategy of profitable growth, productivity increases and optimization of financial structure
  • Successful implementation of the strategic repositioning and portfolio restructuring within 18 months to remove hopelessly cash-negative businesses and dramatically improve the performance of cash cows and stars
  • Penetration of new markets and growth of more than 20% per year by executing a Mergers & Acquisitions strategy
  • Concentration of research & development budget on those innovation projects with the highest success chance, to increase the expected return on investment of the innovation portfolio threefold
  • Igniting growth with marketing, sales, and pricing

Examples for results in the area of "Organisation & Change" we can achieve together by applying the high-impact approaches of Management Innovation:

  • Successful organisational redesign to implement a group-wide strategic repositioning
  • Development and implementation of a master plan for the organizational development of a major corporation and creation of buy-in by a critical mass of senior managers for its implementation and the necessary change process
  • Adjustment of the performance management and reward system to the new strategic requirements
  • Improvement of the results of core processes to dramatically increase customer satisfaction
  • Development of a process organization for the successful cooperation with external partners
  • Finding and retaining top talent in a highly competitive market 
  • Optimization of the virtual collaboration of a global R&D team to increase productivity and speed substantially
  • Improvement of cross-departmental cooperation  and production of turf battles to free the CEO for his strategic core responsibilities
  • Dramatic improvement of the productivity of a top management team
  • Activation of a salesforce for rapid growth
  • Optimization of a sales organization and of the sales process to systematically expand existing client penetration ("sell-on") and/or quickly gain new clients
  • Acceleration of a production process by nearly 30%, by cutting out unnecessary activities and duplication,  radically simplifying all activities and reorganizing the sub-supplier network


Examples for results in the area of "Executive Performance" we can achieve together by applying the high-impact approaches of Management Innovation:

  • Development of a corporate HR strategy and implementation plan
  • Development of the internal HR value proposition and of the processes to make it a reality
  • Transformation of the organizational culture to make rapid improvement in the direction of a high-performance organization
  • Dramatic improvements of the productivity of key managers and team members to achieve company goals faster and with substantially improved quality
  • Strong improvement of the leadership capabilities and intercultural and international management capabilities of key managers
  • Substantial improvement of the individual sales and negotiating competences of key account managers and salespeople to dramatically improve sales and price realization

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