You have 7 key growth levers for your company, that we can activate together:


  • Restructuring of your corporate portfolio and focusing on businesses and regions that have the largest growth potential

  • Igniting growth with a new and more vigorous approach to your marketing, sales and pricing strategy

  • Geographic expansion to enter new markets with growth potential

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) to achieve fast growth in new markets or market segments by acquiring or merging with other companies, or forming joint ventures and strategic alliances

  • Classic Innovation through new or improved products or services and new processes

  • Strategic Innovation through new business and operating models

  • Management Innovation, focusing on novel approaches to culture, organization and leadership to become a true high-performance organization

Examples for results we can achieve together:

  • Realization of a growth strategy with profitable growth of 8% per year (CAGR)
  • Increase of EBIT-margin by 2.5 percentage points through a corporate portfolio repositioning
  • Expanding market leadership through selective geographic expansion
  • Realizing cost savings potentials of EUR 15 Mio. (12%  of total costs) of an organizational unit within three years, whilst at the same time increasing productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Increase of EBITDA by 20% over the previous year by rapidly growing the service business
  • Restructuring of a strategic alliance to secure the value creation of a EUR 70 million investment
  • Securing the long-term future of a family-owned business by a strategy of profitable growth, productivity increases and optimization of financial structure
  • Successful implementation of the strategic repositioning and portfolio restructuring within 18 months to remove hopelessly cash-negative businesses and dramatically improve the performance of cash cows and stars
  • Penetration of new markets and growth of more than 20% per year by executing a Mergers & Acquisitions strategy
  • Concentration of research & development budget on those innovation projects with the highest success chance, to increase the expected return on investment of the innovation portfolio threefold
  • Igniting growth with marketing, sales, and pricing

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