Growth Creates New Challenges


Growing companies change like in fast-forward mode. Companies that grow are faced with the following five key challenges, that we can address together:


1. Profitable Growth

Growth alone is not enough for entrepreneurial succes.s In order to make commercial sense, growth must be profitable and have a return-on-investment that is higher than the cost of capital, otherwise it's a zero-sum game or worse. Growth without profitability is like gluttony or cancer. It leads to overweight or disintegration.


2. Selection of Leaders

Growing companies are like a pressure cooker and very few people have the personal development potential to be the perfect manager in every growth phase of the company. Therefore, the selection, and when necessary replacement, of leaders and managers has to be done with utmost care. It is key to select leaders and managers that have already proven in similar growth situations, that they can create traction and results. Industry experience is not enough, it's about experience with fast growth.


3. Delegation

A company that is growing undergoes substantial organizational change in a brief time and this also requires ongoing change in the management style. The key question here is, whether the founders and managers are able to grow and develop with the company and can start to delegate the majority of their tasks to others, in order to effectively manage and lead the fast-growing company in its increasing complexity.


4. Cash Flow

In the short and medium term, growth is not going to create cash for most companies, but will be a drain on cash resources. This is typically the case, because, depending on the development phase of the company or business unit, you either have to invest in research and development of products and services before you can bring them to the market, or in marketing and sales to make sure that you have rapid market penetration or in the industrialization of production in order to satisfy the, hopefully, quickly growing demand for the products and services of the company.


In most cases the cash flow of the company or business unit that is growing is negative, at least for the first growth phases, because the additional sales from the growing business cannot cover the costs of growing.


But "Cash Flow is King" and without liquidity a company cannot survive. Therefore it is a critical task of management to make sure that enough liquidity is available to finance the growth during  a commercially reasonable period of time, until the company reaches cash flow breakeven.


4. Systems and Organization

Growth puts higher demands on an organization than cruising speed. Therefore it is of high importance, that all organizational systems are well prepared for the growth challenge and are scaling well with the growth of the business.


5. The Core Business Must Stay Profitable

In many cases the preferred source of financing for growth are the cash flows (hopefully) generated by other units of the company. These cash flows will often come from a more mature core business. It is therefore critical that this core business stays profitable, in order to make sure that this external cash flow source for the growing business is not running dry.


Source: M. Hirt,  Critical Considerations for Boards of Fast-Growing Companies (Worauf ein Aufsichtsrat bei schnell wachsenden Unternehmen achten muss), Aufsichtsrat aktuell 2015, Linde Verlag

"It was a pleasure to work with you in reviewing and redefining our corporate and business unit strategies. The results of the consulting project with your firm have helped us to make significant progress towards the achievement of our business and shareholder goals. You worked together with us to create practical, "real-world" strategic actions that deliver tangible value, based on a pragmatic, but thorough review and assessment of our options. Also, we highly appreciate your skill and helpfulness in appropriately integrating our key managers into the consulting process and making sure that they are really on board and well-aligned for its successful implementation. Our association with HIRT&FRIENDS has provided us with an excellent return on our consulting investment."


Mag. Alexander Tremmel | Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter | Managing Partner | SKB Industrieholding a leading CEE cable manufacturer and distributor


„Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation in the last years! You and your team have succeeded to develop and deliver trainings perfectly geared towards the requirements of a global corporation with consistent performance in high quality, internationally and multilingually. I want to specifically note your well-founded and action-oriented approach, your global outlook and your capability to always adjusts the individual training sessions or workshops to the local and cultural requirements. You have made an important contribution to the worldwide talent development of BSH Home Appliances Group!“


Dr. Stephanie Leimer | Head of BSH Academy Corporate | BSH Home Appliances Group | BSH is the European market leader in the field of home appliances with brands like Bosch, Siemens, Neff and among the top global players

"I consulted Michael to help me in developing dissemination strategies for a new technology that was being developed over a couple of years and was then ready to be rolled-out globally at Harman Automotive Division. However, due to the new, revolutionary approach of that technology there were a couple of internal barriers and blocking factors to hop on the train. Michael very successfully helped to quickly identify and understand those barriers and to develop a highly efficient strategy to significantly improve acceptance of the new paradigm in product development. I can highly recommend Michael as an efficient consultant if you are faced with challenging situations in technology development processes."


Dr. Alfred Svobodnik | Senior Manager/Chief Engineer | Harman Automotive / Harman International Industries


"Your English and German Keynote Speeches were the highlights of our Global Shop Marketing Meetings and an inspiration for our top management, as well as our managers and participating employees. We truly enjoyed the clear and humorous way you presented the topic. With your pragmatism and focus on implementation, you have infected our managers and employees and motivated them to take action."


Mag. Eva Brummeir | Global Shop Marketing Manager | FREY WILLE | a leading global luxury retailer

"I had the pleasure to work with Michael over a period of more than 2 years, on a number of strategic projects during my tenure as CEO of Matrixware. His advice was clear, practical and to the point. He has helped the board to make better decisions and to execute them effectively. His recommendations were based on state-of-the-art methods and validated by sound business judgement. I can highly recommend him, if you need fast, high-quality results with a strong positive impact on the performance of your organisation."


Francisco De Sousa Webber | Founder & CEO |


"We would like to thank you for your inspiring, entertaining and action-oriented keynote speech and workshop. The feedback from the participants was extremely positive and, in particular, they were very impressed by the practicality and immediate applicability of your approaches. You have brought a significant motivational boost and we are already seeing the high impact of your work in the form of tangible results!"


Sheila Sylle | Professional Network | Johnson&Johnson

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